Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The six most important things a child should be taught about manners

Troyi Yeung 

In Hong Hong, there are still traditional people, especially the elderly, and they pay attention to the education of their children or their grandchildren because their behaviour represents their family.
Firstly, they will pay attention or indicate by their first sight at the children. Will the children greet  people loudly or clearly? That is the question inside their heart , because Chinese people think a polite child will greet people in a loud and clear voice, but of couse in a polite way. Secondly, children must know how to use chopsticks in a proper way, if not they will be hit by a wooden stick or a ruler! (I'm one of them, but I still don't know how to use chopsticks in a traditional way). Thirdly, children must behave quietly and must not interrupt or talk about the conversation of the adult or elderly because the elder people suppose the children don't understand what they ar talking about. Besides, children must finish their meal or have as much as they can because that is the way to show politeness and show that they love the food, even though you detest it or you are full, it is a must to finish it! ( I hate this rule, it usually makes me sick). Children should pretend they love going to school and they love studying or reading because older people use this to show off to their friends, this is about the face of the older people. They usually use their child's results at school to compete with other people's children. Although I think it is silly and unnecessary, older people just love to compare with others. I think they put too much pressure on the children. Luckily,  the government encourages the parents not take the score too seriouly. Education is about the process and what the children learn, but not the score or ranking. The most important thing is children must not open any drawer or the frigde in someone else's house because this is about privacy. This is also important to different ages of people, you must ask for the owner's permission before using them. A child invaded my privacy by going through my things last year, so i hate children now.
Nowadays, children are being spoiled, so they don't usually follow the rules. Since the law for protecting the children issued, children are more powerful than their parents!  Most of the children become impolite, for example they will swear at the older people, smoke when they are only eight years old...etc. Although I think the traditional way to educate chidren is too harsh, that is the most useful way to make them behave!

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  1. In some cases the parents treat their children the same way they have been treated by their parents or maybe better. They're doing that because they want us to be better person. Although I dislike some of their belief; but, I appreciate them a lot and I know that all what they care about is 'US'.